Flooring is extremely significant to the aesthetics of any house. Therefore we’ve curated this detailed blog on the main trends of home floorings 2022. This round up of trends will remain relevant for a long time irrespective of whether you are decorating your own luxurious home, a corporate home or you are looking to renovate your existing home.

How do you choose the correct flooring for your home?

The material you choose will have a direct as well as a drastic effect on your living space. It can make your home feel cool and modern or warm and traditional. These three factors help decide what the flooring you choose should look like.

  • Your style
  •  Your lifestyle
  • Your budget

The flooring trends of 2022 feature a range of flooring that offer several choices. After real estate trends of 2022, here’s our list of home flooring trends 2022!

1) Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl has been a popular part of home interiors since ages. In 2022, with newer technology, vinyl flooring will be better than ever before.  Be it an elite retail showroom space or a luxurious home, the installation of vinyl will offer a warm, affordable and stylish look to your space for years to come. This plank flooring also has merits of easy installation, homeowners who love to explore DIY options and those looking for affordable wood-like flooring!

2) Tile Flooring

Tile flooring has been a leading trend since 2021 and is expected to go through to 2022.  Marble look tiles are affordable without looking cheap. Fancy decorative tiles lean towards creating Moroccan ambiences. Then there is the range of DIY friendly tiles that some people would like to install on their own! This year the trend in tiles would shift from rectangular and slab to teardrop especially in the luxury homes of Ahmedabad segment. So if you are looking for a long lasting, waterproof option for your home flooring, tiles are a great option!

3) Carpet Flooring

Always a classic, 2022 might witness more carpet tiles, area rugs, and high-plush carpets. Carpeting continues to offer warmth, soft feel underfoot as well as a chic look. This is one of the reasons homeowners choose this for bedroom flooring and to cozy up their home theaters or family rooms.

4) Laminate Flooring

This one never disappoints. With tremendous developments in the area, today laminate flooring is a surprise! One of the most affordable ways for home owners to achieve their dream look, flooring trends 2022 suggests that this is a great way to remodel your home which will  make your residential home a better investment in an inexpensive way. Realistic textures, plethora of colours, range of prices and installation styles, durability and affordability make this a very popular choice for flooring.

5) Ultra Big Planks

The ultra big planks are now available in several materials. These often overlap into the natural material category. These planks are notably wider than the 2 1/2- to 4-inch wide boards that make up the vast majority of the wood flooring market. Often made from bamboo or even reclaimed wood, these planks are usually hand scraped and have the benefit of more cohesive looking installations.

One of the features that make a home ultra luxurious is good flooring and therefore choosing it right cannot be emphasized enough!

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