Acquiring and retaining good skilled labour in the workplace is more challenging than ever. Studies show that a good work environment along with a physical commercial space that is loaded with amenities goes a long way in absorbing and retaining talent. Younger working people need a more flexible office concept, great looking commercial spaces in convenient locations and not just fancy offices with foosball tables or sit out areas.

Once the issues in a workplace that negatively affect sourcing talent are addressed, the productivity in enhanced and workforce-employer relationship is enhanced. Sheetal Westpark Imperia in Ahmedabad is one such commercial and retail hub! With great architectural language and placed in a premium area of Vastrapur, it is one of the most upcoming areas in the area.

The top five amenities that young people want in a commercial space are-

1) Privacy

The younger generation of working people need privacy. If the office space offers acoustic baffles, dropping ceilings, white noise or mask sounds, people feel more comfortable working and can render more work in an uninterrupted fashion. Simple partitions, cabins, desk dividers and sound absorbing material is also a great way to mitigate ambient sounds thereby offering employees complete privacy. These features are easy to install in commercial spaces with ample floor space.

2) Informal Spaces For Collaborating And Working

Despite several virtual solutions that have come up owing to Covid, people miss the spontaneous meets and physical interaction that synergizes into ideas. Since people have been working from home, several people who are now reporting to the office are looking for informal spaces that offer informal cozy atmospheres where light conversations can take place. This makes them feel safer and closer to the environment at home.

3) Natural Elements

With longer hours being spent at home owing to Covid 19, the millennials today are looking for several natural elements to make them feel rejuvenated. From green walls, to balconies, to offices with terraces to walking areas around; the list is highly variable and versatile. Big builders today are focusing on including these features in their commercial spaces so as to maximise upon the beauty of nature around. Some of them also work on including furniture that is wooden or reflects natural elements.

4) Space To Focus

Along with spaces for collaborations, the generation today is also looking for places to space out and focus in. A great way to incorporate this is to have spaces in and around the office where employees can work besides their main desks. This gives them time away from the office chaos to work on their own meetings, conversations, emails, etc. So besides finding a perfect place for your business, finding a blend between offering collaborative spaces and space to focus is also important.

5) Convenience Of Location

Office location can impact your business and its success both immensely! With the virtual world having made things so much easier, travelling for long distances can hinder an employee’s productivity. Therefore offices which are close to residential areas in the midst of a bustling populace offering good connectivity are preferred places for the new generation workforce.

6) Hybrid Workplace

Employees are seeking hybrid work opportunities. Along with change in the physical office environment, a perspective shift is the need of the hour. Post pandemic offices are perceived more as spaces for meetings and conferences. Thus while the office will continue to be a social anchor, several people continue to thrive working from home. Office buildings with cafes and entertainment zones offer greater opportunities for occupants to mingle and socialise thus becoming commercial and social hot spots.

7) Smart Offices

Technological advances have rendered the office spaces largely connected to tech and the internet. People are increasingly using their smartphones to adapt and enhance experiences. Consumer technology is forever evolving. In tandem with this, smart office technology aids organisations to work effectively and productively. Technology also ensures that employees are equipped with what they need and allows workspaces to evolve and grow.

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