Picture this!

You are exhausted. It’s sweltering hot. You want a cool room when you reach home. Now all you have to do is pick up your phone and switch on the AC! Viola! When you reach home, the room is nice and cool. In today’s age of luxury homes and a lifestyle that beckons comfort, this convenience is possible when you invest in a smart home!

So, what is a smart home?

A smart home is one that incorporates a range of technology that assists in the ease of functioning of devices, appliances, lights and even security cameras. The most popular builders in Ahmedabad are equipping their residential projects to allow users to control them via apps or websites thereby promising them the most optimum living comfort. Here is a list of the latest smart home trends to follow in 2022.

1) Smart Home Trends to Follow 2022 #1 Voice Assistant Technology

Luxury homes in Ahmedabad are not just space smart and opulent but also offer elements of luxury within that make them grand. These also come packed with smart home features that find interesting ways to keep the users informed and amused. Whether it is to play music, provide news, sports scores or keep control of devices; voice assistants do a great job of keeping a user connected to his gadgets. With the advancement in speech technology, most luxury homes now use popular features like Amazon Alexa and Google Nest for their voice assistant features.

2) Smart Home Trends to Follow 2022 #2 5G

What’s a smart home without seamless internet connectivity! Not only does a good internet service upgrade the ‘work-from-home’ scenario but also allows the users to benefit from automated home systems by offering one connection for multiple devices. This blends well into the home ecosystem and makes it a smart option by demanding lesser energy. This makes homes today more sustainable as opposed to independent connections.

3) Smart Home Trends to Follow 2022 #3 Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence enabled programming can allow smart electronics to learn user routines organically and alter the behaviour/settings of devices based on how the user preferences are changing. Heating, lighting and security can all be controlled with a great ‘hands-off’ approach due to AI in luxury homes today.

4) Smart Home Trends to Follow 2022 #4 Smart Robots

After virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa, smart homes are beginning to get acquainted with robotic assistants. An upcoming trend in luxury homes in Ahmedabad and other metros of India, occupants are beginning to use robotics for daily chores. Although limited, the availability of robotics at home will grow as technology improves and they become increasingly able to perform household tasks. Daily chores such as cleaning, cooking and security could be performed by robots, which will also integrate into the automated home system.

5) Smart Home Trends to Follow 2022 #5 Health Tracking And Management

In today’s times health and fitness is everyone’s priority. Budget homes in Ahmedabad also offer premium facilities for health maintenance. Gyms, swimming pools, gardens, jogging tracks, and yoga rooms are offered on most properties of Sheetal Infrastructure. Besides these, the luxury homes in 2022 are looking at health monitors as part of the home automation systems. With smartwatches, we are already witnessing an aspect of it. With technology being pushed forward, smart beds which can lead to better, deeper sleep, and can even identify potential sleep disorders you weren’t aware of are being installed. During the pandemic, numerous such gadgets were relied upon for communication with medical professionals via the internet and AI.

In conclusion, Smart Homes make life much easier and more comfortable for you. Sheetal Infrastructure offers homes that are luxurious and can be decorated & technologically configured to your liking, making them adaptable to each and every customer’s needs.

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