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Location or Size: What Is More Important for A Home buyer?

The location vs. size debate is one that most homebuyers are confronted with. This is a valid concern that should ideally be addressed on a case-to-case basis. However, there are certain overarching guidelines that can help you pick between a large house in a not-so-great location and a small or mid-sized home in a great [...]
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5 Décor Ideas for a Large Balcony

While apartments have their advantages, one big downside is the detachment from nature.  As opposed to a house with a big green yard, apartments tend to feel closed off and small. The only gateway to the outside world often comes in the form of balconies.  Sitting out on your balcony, sipping a warm cup of [...]
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Why you must buy real estate first!!

“Buy a Land, They’re not making it anymore” -By Mark twain Advocates of other assets class might not agree with above quote but it’s true. With limited land our world has got and it offers investors and end-users, entrepreneur lot of opportunity in real estate as it has low risk, low volatility and high security […]

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Smart Investor’s Choice – Vastrapur

2019 is one of the booming years for potential home-buyers. If you’re looking to invest in real estate (HOME OR OFFICES) you can’t go wrong with Ahmedabad which is in coveted list of UNESCO as first  World Heritage city . The city has one of the fastest growing IT sector, GIFT city shaping up and thriving […]

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